It’s Time to Play Again!

As children, playing in the mud was always such a memorable experience.  Nothing was more freeing than being able to create works of art out of nothing more than what we found offered by the earth.

At Pottery Alley we allow you to come and play in the mud again, reliving those care-free childhood days, and creating some original and fun works of art all at the same time.

From hand-built vases to wheel-thrown cups and bowls, we can teach you how to make it all!  Our classes range from the most basic introduction classes for those who have yet to tap into their earthen creativity to intermediate and advanced classes.  We also offer a monthly membership for those who would like regular access to a studio.

Give us a call and set up a play date today!


For more information regarding classes, workshops or parties, please call (337) 267-4453 or email to susannah@potteryalley.com

Can’t reach us at the studio?  Please call Susannah Craig at 337-349-9894.


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